CM Médical and its founder

Christophe Micheau

Christophe Micheau holds a university degree in hospital and industrial sterilisation obtained at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Nantes, France. He has been supplying his dentist, stomatologist and maxillofacial surgeon clients with surgical instruments for over thirty years.

His extensive knowledge of the environment, rules and hospital practices for dental surgery has made him aware of the existing problems in terms of non-compliance with sterilisation and lubrication rules in this field.

Christophe Micheau also sells GAMASONIC® ultrasonic cleaning machines dedicated in particular to the cleaning of surgical instruments.

Our mission

During these thirty-five years spent in contact with medical professionals, Christophe Micheau has observed the bad practices concerning the sterilisation and lubrication of handpieces.

This is how he decided to create STERILUB® in order to comply with good sterilisation practices in dental practices and in the hospital environment.